Caine’s Arcade

Warning: Creativity can be contagious. Do not show the following video to your children or students unless you have on hand many empty cardboard boxes and rolls of packing tape!

Background: In the city of Los Angeles in 2011, 9-year old Caine Monroy spent his entire summer inside his dad’s used auto parts store building an arcade out of recycled cardboard boxes. The days came and went for Caine, who eagerly waited for customers to try his arcade. One day in October, filmaker Nirvan Mullick stopped by, Caine’s first customer, and purchased a fun pass. Caine’s life changed forever.

After this video was created and the flash mob visited Caine’s Arcade (and by the way, a scholarship for Caine was raised of over $228,000), kids all around the world became inspired to build their own structures out of cardboard.

ID-10022136Fast forward to 1 year later: In the fall of 2012, the first Global Cardboard Challenge was sponsored by the Imagination Foundation, with over 270 events in 41 different countries. This year, the goal is to engage 1 million children in 70 countries. To be a part of this year’s challenge, visit Global Cardboard Challenge.

To learn more about Caine and his arcade, go to Cain’s Arcade.


Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /

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