Doodlecast Pro

For inside the classroom and out, Doodlecast Pro  is a fabulous productivity app for creating presentations on the iPad.

This flexible tool allows students or teachers to record their voices as they draw to create quick presentations. They can choose a background or import images or documents and then mark them up. The application also makes sharing creations easy – videos can be imported into any application. For example, have students in teams use the iPad to explain their thinking while solving a mathematical problem using the graph paper as the selected background.

Check out the following Doodlecast Pro video on fractions.

Some ideas for using Doodlecast Pro include:

  • Creating research projects
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Preparing lessons to share with students
  • Problem solving
  • Annotating charts, diagrams, or maps
  • Analyzing text or images
  • Note taking

To explore ways other teachers have been using Doodle Cast Pro in their classrooms, review the following websites:

doodlecastpro_imageTo learn how to use this tool, review these Doodlecast Pro tutorials.

You can explore other creations at Doodlecast YouTube webpage.

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