This geography resource contains powerful images and a video of the damage caused by falling rocks in the Tyrolean region of Italy. My family has been to the Austrian side of these alps for several hiking, skiing, biking, and sledding adventures. Pretty incredible what nature can do.


“The video clip shows the cliff where the fall initiated, near the ledge close to the skyline.  Then, below the ledge, you can see the talus cone, which are rocky bits along the slope. The really large boulders that fell down and ruined the house have carved out soil ruts as the boulders rolled downhill.”

Seth Dixon‘s insight:

I found this video on GEOMORPHOLOGY ROCKS‘ (get it?) Facebook page, a good follow for physical geography resources.  On January 21, 2014 in Termeno, Italy (South Tyrol) a massive rockfall disrupted the agricultural landscape that sits in the shadow of the Alps.  The video below shows the impacts of the rockfall and powerfully highlights that natural forces are always in motion.  


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