Bringing iPads into the Classroom

ipadClassroomiPad and tablet device initiatives are huge, but exciting educational undertakings. And for schools, it’s important to get everyone on board, trained, and ready. The following resources present the benefits and successful uses of iPads in the classroom, helping educators learn how this fabulous tool can support the curriculum.

iPads – A Tool, Not Alchemy, for Education
This article, from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center for Children, presents in a very positive light how changing technologies have changed the way we should look at technology, for example in comparing a television to a touch screen device. In order to get the conversation going of how devices such as iPads can support learning, we need to come to some basic understandings on what they actually can do and are.

Getting Started: Classroom Ideas for Learning with the iPad
This PDF resource from Victoria Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Australia presents powerful ideas that link curriculum, pedagogy and assessment when 1-to-1 devices are integrated into the classroom. It provides questions that educators should consider while integrating iPads; links to additional resources that supporting the development of thinking and online safety; and ways that various apps can support learning.

iPads in the Classroom
Kathy Shrock, once again, has compiled a list of fabulous resources for integrating technology into the classroom. In this guide on iPads find: resources that relate the use of iPads with Bloom’s taxonomy; professional development activities; lists containing educational apps to use in the curriculum; app evaluation guides; tutorials;  resources on iBook creation; assessment using the iPad; and much, much more.

iPads in Education
This site, created by an Apple Distinguished Educator, provides articles, resources, and support on using the device in the classroom.

iPad Affordances for Teaching Children with Developmental Disabilities
This article, the first of three from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center on how iPads support students with developmental learning needs, presents the “amazing potential of the iPad and other tablets like it for children with disabilities – a game changer for children, and every teacher’s dream for reaching kids when nothing else has worked.”

One response to “Bringing iPads into the Classroom

  1. Another great site: iPads in Education
    This resource is dedicated to exploring the use of iPads, mobile devices, and E-books in schools and colleges. It includes advice on using iPads in the classroom, deployment of an iPad program, apps, blog posts by educators, and a discussion board.

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