All the News That’s Fit for the Classroom

A teacher at my daughter’s new school just told me about a fantastic, relatively new Web site for students that has incredible learning opportunities, and that he will be incorporating into his lessons. Newsela publishes multiple, non-fiction articles—at FIVE DIFFERENT reading Lexile levels, for students in Grades 3-12.

ID-10056395Did I mention that the site is free? As Newsela describes, it is:

“an innovative way to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that’s always relevant: daily news. It’s easy and amazing.”

The categories of War & Peace, Science, Kids, Money, Law, Health, and Arts are updated daily, with fresh new content containing the latest stories—making reading meaningful, relevant, and extremely timely. The items with an icon of a lightbulb contain fabulous learning resources, including aligned Common Core English Language Arts Standards and online quizzes for students.

The standards, found in a pull-down menu when you click Search, are:

  1. What the Text Says
  2. Central Idea
  3. People, Events & Ideas
  4. Word Meaning & Choice
  5. Text Structure
  6. Point of View/Purpose
  7. Multimedia
  8. Arguments & Claims

With a free account, you have the choice of organizing classes complete with a roster of students, selecting the reading levels of the articles that appear to students in your classes, tracking student progress through the quizzes they have completed, and choosing whether or not you want certain articles to be hidden from the view of a particular class. When students take quizzes, questions are completely aligned to the standards. Daily emails contain the latest articles, allowing you to quickly scan and find content for the day’s lessons. The Pro version of Newsela (which is a paid subscription) allows educators and schools to personalize even more, including the ability to annotate the articles.

The idea that all students in the class can explore the same content through articles that support differentiated reading levels has incredible educational implications for meaningful and deep learning. This Web site makes it easy for teachers to work with all learners in a classroom, including those who are struggling, are English Language Learners, or  have various learning disabilities.

Try exploring Newsela’s archive of more than 500 articles to find content relevant to your classroom curriculum and the needs of your students. As a parent, find and select articles of interest for your child, making them a basis for meaningul discussions about current events.

Watch the video below to learn about how Newsela works:


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